HCG injections contain a very small proportion of hormone that can easily discard body weight. It directs the body to break fatty cells and release energy required for fast metabolism.

Normally, it is taken under the skin or in muscle. Once you have determined your daily requirement with a doctor, you are free to use this intra-muscular shot.

A user has to follow a very low calorie diet throughout the treatment period. Adequate sleep, moderate workouts and drinking plenty of water will increase the potent of these hormonal shots.

The Benefits Of HCG Injections:

  • Not all form of Hcg gives you quick result. The intra-muscular shot of this hormone works as it is an appetite suppressor. By controlling your hunger, it doesn’t make you weak. Moreover, the pace at which it burns fat is greater than its other counter parts like pills and oral drops.
  • The shots are given in muscle or under the skin. It encourages muscle built up.
  • User of Hcg injection is likely to consume organic diet. This will lower his or her fat intake up to 500 calories per day. This combination will eventually bring a toned body in less than a month.

Side Effects Of HCG Injections:

  • Proper administration of Hcg injections does not give rise to any side effects. However, children below 16 years should not try this hormonal therapy.
  • People undergoing any other medication should consult with a doctor before taking Hcg injections for weight loss.

HCG Sublingual Drops Vs. HCG Injections

  • HCG sublingual drops can be easily taken compared to Injections. HCG drops are equally effective in shedding abnormal fat from our body. Yet, maintaining a 500-calorie diet along with these drops is mandatory for attaining positive results. You should take minimum 125 i.u daily for discarding one-pound daily.
  • Taking HCG injections may be a clumsy affair. It may cause side effects if something goes wrong during the process.
  • It is advisable to employ HCG diet drops if you suffer from needle phobia or allergic to injections.
  • You should take 10-48 drops daily. One should strictly follow HCG diet phases.
  • HCG drops can be easily administered under your tongue unlike injections.
  • These drops cause no pain, cramps or lumps etc.

You can procure HCG diet drops from its official website. It is advisable to follow a 43-day diet protocol for obtaining maximum results.

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Before going ahead with HCG Injections we would like you to also consider Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops. These HCG Drops are equally effective and have no side effects. Please review the following article Truth About HCG Injections Vs Drops.